Your Guide to
Store Profiling 2.0

Targeted campaigns. Localized messaging. In-store Retail Media. All rely on always accurate and easily accessible store data. Here's your guide to unlocking store information with Store Profiling 2.0. 

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Unlock in-store marketing with store profiling.

No more spreadsheets or campaign guesswork. Discover the new method of store profiling that's unlocking in-store marketing opportunities.

It covers:

  • The BIG challenges facing retail marketers
  • How current methods are restricting marketing efforts
  • Retail audits: how to maintain accurate information all year round
  • What is Store Profiling 2.0
  • How to unlock in-store retail media with store profile data

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What's this guide got in store?



We highlight the big opportunities and challenges for retail marketing



Information always outdated? Discover how to have accurate data all year.



We break down store profiling 2.0. What is it? What are the differences? 



Retail media is the big opportunity. We cover how to unlock retail media in stores.

Location Profile Management & analysis

Complete visibility of your locations

Our recent Whitepaper highlighted that 97% of retailers would like to enable store teams to conduct retail audits and have it update a centralized database. 

We call this Store Profiling 2.0. A modern way to update and maintain your store profile data that provides complete visibility of your locations. 

But it doesn't stop there. This E-book demonstrates how accurate store data can be deployed to produce more targeted in-store campaigns based on buyer demographics. And enable retailers to drive more revenues from in-store retail media.

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Need clarification?

Who is this guide for?

If you work in retail marketing, this is for you. Our recent Whitepaper highlighted that 97% of retailers would like to enable store teams to conduct retail audits and have that update a centralized database. 

We break down how marketers can implement this idea and the additional opportunities it creates. 

Who's the author?

Colateral is a leading provider of retail marketing software. We think ours is the best, but maybe we're a little biased. 

While we might be biased, this ebook isn't. We understand that our platform isn't right for everyone. 

So, we worked with retailers and independent agents who have used multiple systems over the years to compile a complete guide to help you make informed decisions. 

If, after reading, you think Colateral's a great fit, then let's chat. If not, we're still here to help if you need it. 

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